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9-10th May 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

Q1) Which state government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oracle for cloud based citizen services ?

  (a) Odisha

  (b) Bihar

  (c) Assam

  (d) Jharkhand

  (e) Chhattisgarh

Q2) Who has been appointed as the India’s ambassador to Netherlands ?

  (a) Venu Rajamony

  (b) Rakesh Sood

  (c) Pran Nath Thapar

  (d) Vijay k Nambiar

  (e) Jayant Prasad

Q3) What is the mascot of 22nd Asian Athletics Championship Bhubaneswar 2017 ? 

  (a) Whizbee Bee

  (b) Hero the Hedgehog

  (c) Olly Turtle

  (d) Stomper Elephant

  (e) Billy the Marlin

Q4) What is the India’s GDP growth forecast for FY 18, according to International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s latest report ?

  (a) 7.4%

  (b) 7.2%

  (c) 7.3%

  (d) 7.5%

  (e) 7.7%

Q5) Who will be the new Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India ?

  (a) Abdul Basit

  (b) Aziz Ahmed Khan

  (c) Ghazanfar Ali Khan

  (d) Humayun Khan

  (e) Sohail Mahmood

Q6) Who is the newly elected president of South Korea ?

  (a) Moon Jae-in

  (b) Park Guen-Hye

  (c) Hang Kyo-ahn

  (d) Park Chung Hee

  (e) Kim Sung Min

Q7) Who has become the world’s highest wicket-taker in women ODI cricket ?

  (a) Mithali Raj

  (b) Jhulan Goswami

  (c) Shikha Pandey

  (d) Deepthi Sharma

  (e) Anju Patil

Q8) Which state government has recently imposed a ban on sale of junk food at school canteens ? 

  (a) Odisha

  (b) Madhya Pradesh

  (c) Maharashtra

  (d) Bihar

  (e) Uttar Pradesh

Q9) What is the theme of  ‘World Migratory Day’ 2017 ?

  (a) Celebrate Birds In Culture

  (b) Birds in a Changing Climate

  (c) Their Future is our Future

  (d) Conserving Colonial Birds

  (e) Why Birds Matter? The Benefits of Birds to Humans and Nature

Q10) Who has won the prestigious Indian National Science Academy (INSA) medal for Young Scientist 2017 ?

  (a) Jitendra Thakur

  (b) Devanjan Sinha

  (c) Arnab Sen

  (d) Vikram Vishal

  (e) Uday Kumar B Reddy

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