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29th May 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

Q1) The theme of ‘International Day of UN peacekeepers 2017′ is ‘Investing in peace around the world’. When is the day observed ?

  (a) May 29

  (b) May 21

  (c) May 28

  (d) May 25

  (e) May 30

Q2) Who has been awarded the ‘Sangeet Natak Akademi Puraskar’ for the year 2016 ?

  (a) Sarangapani Mishra

  (b) Gwmwthao Basumatary

  (c) Pradyut Mishra

  (d) Satyabrata Rout

  (e) Niharika Gogoi

Q3) The World Table Tennis Championship (WTTC) 2017  has started in which country 

  (a) China

  (b) Germany

  (c) South Korea

  (d) Russia

  (e) USA

Q4) The 43rd G7 Summit was held in which country ?

  (a) Germany

  (b) Sweden

  (c) Netherlands

  (d) USA

  (e) Italy

Q5) What is India’s GDP growth forecast for the year 2017-18, as per World Bank (WB)’s latest report “India Development Report” ?

  (a) 7.2%

  (b) 7.4%

  (c) 7.6%

  (d) 7.7%

  (e) 7.1%

Q6) Name the person who is representing India at the 2017 Little Miss Universe competition ?

  (a) Prerna Mohanty

  (b) Archana Shrivastav

  (c) Anvitha Subramanian

  (d) Padmalaya Nanda

  (e) Samhitha Roy

Q7) Which movie has won the top prize at the 70th Cannes Film Festival 2017 ?

  (a) The Square

  (b) Happy End

  (c) In the Fade

  (d) Jupiter’s Moon

  (e) Before We Vanish

Q8) Who will represent India as a young journalist at the global Football For Friendship (F4F) social programme in Russia ? 

  (a) Athira Kulkarni

  (b) Shalini Malhotra

  (c) Latika Thampan

  (d) Ananya Kamboj

  (e) Spandana Rama Murthy

Q9) Who has won the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix title 2017 ?

  (a) Kimi Raikkonen

  (b) Sergio Perez

  (c) Esteben Ocan

  (d) Sebastian Vettel

  (e) Yuji Ide

Q10) The construction of world’s largest optical telescope has started in which country ?

  (a) Brazil

  (b) South Korea

  (c) Germany

  (d) Iceland

  (e) Chile

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