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17th April 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

Q1) What is the theme of the World Haemophilia Day (WHD) 2017 ?

  (a) Treatment for All, The Vision of All

  (b) The Many Faces of Bleeding Disorders – United to Achieve Treatment for All

  (c) Together, We Care

  (d) Improve Your Life

  (e) Hear Their Voices

Q2) Which of the following IITs is going to introduce Vastu  Shastra course for undergraduate and postgraduate students  ?

  (a) IIT Hyderabad

  (b) IIt Madras

  (c) IIT Bombay

  (d) IIT Bhubaneswar

  (e) IIT Kharagpur

Q3) Robert Taylor, a pioneer of Modern Computing and the Internet who passed away recently hailed from which country 

  (a) Spain

  (b) Germany

  (c) Canada

  (d) USA

  (e) Portugal

Q4) Which country has  overtook US to become the world’s top crude oil importer ?

  (a) India

  (b) China

  (c) Canada

  (d) Russia

  (e) Brazil

Q5) Who has won the Time magazine’s readers’ poll of the most influential people in the world 2017 ?

  (a) Barack Obama

  (b) Justin Trudeau

  (c) Rodrigo Duterte

  (d) Nicki Minaj

  (e) Angela Merkel

Q6) Name the Formula One racer who has won the Bahrain Grand Prix 2017 ?

  (a) Lewis Hamilton

  (b) Sebastian Vettel

  (c) Kimi Raikkonen

  (d) Sergio Pérez

  (e) Valtteri Bottas

Q7) Who was awarded the FICCI’s gender parity award for his contribution in harnessing the talents of his daughters ?

  (a) Mahavir Singh Phogat

  (b) P V Ramana

  (c) Shivnarayan Mahato

  (d) Sukhbir Malik

  (e) Dulal Karmakar

Q8) Who has won the Under 15 women’s single title ‘PEMBANGUNAN JAYA RAYA International Junior Grand Prix 2017’ 

  (a) Samiya Faroqui

  (b) Rashi Lambe

  (c) Namitha Patania

  (d) Gayatri Pullela

  (e) Garima Singh

Q9) Who has been crowned the ‘Miss Congo UK 2017’ beauty pageant ?

  (a) Horcelie Sinda wa Mbongo

  (b) Lucrece Kibeti

  (c) Andrea Moloto

  (d) Carus Meheille Ahoué

  (e) Christelle Ntumba

Q10) Who was the author of the book titled: The Moon and Six pense ?

  (a) Sir Thomas Moor

  (b) Somerset Maughan

  (c) Jonathan Swift

  (d) Sir Walter Scott

  (e) Oliver Goldsmith

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